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  • Stop hurting the environment - and all of us who rely on it
  • Build a better alternative for us
  • Build a better future for future generations
  • Build it better from the grass roots up

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Our territory

The East Hampshire Green Party's geographic area is the same as the East Hampshire District Council
(see map here)


Local activities

 General election 2019

East Hampshire candidate Zoe Parker surrounded by campaigners at our first strategy meeting.

Zoe with supporters


EDHC climate emergency July

East Hampshire District Council debated a motion tabled by the Lib Dem Ginny Boxall and support by all the Lib Dem, Labour and Independent councillors that would declare a climate emergency. The first 2 paragraphs (of a ten paragraph) read: 1 Declare a Climate Emergency. 2 Pledge to make East Hampshire District Council carbon neutral by 2030. A cross party group led by the Greens turned up at the council offices to encourage the tories to support it too as there were rumours that they would sabotage it.

EHDC climate emergecy picket

That is exactly what they did. Using a sly procedural trick they submitted an “amendment” (it reality a completely new motion) at the very last second before the motion was debated. It retained just the first paragraph of Ginny’s original motion. It removed all targets and any onus on the council to do anything about a climate emergency. Read to full text of the two motions (here.)


Local Council Elections 2019

5 Green Party councillors were elected to Town/Parish councils in the 2019 elections


Laurent Coffre

Laurent Coffre

Ian James

Ian James

Petersfield St Peters
John Palmer

John Hilton

Petersfield Rams Hill
Zoe Parker

Zoe Parker

Petersfield Bell Hill
Peter Bisset



Plastics Recycle Challenge

plastics recycling challenge - Peterster Square

We had five different types of waste plastic items on a table. The people of Petersfield were challenged to say which types could be put into their black recycling bin. They were then asked to put a a coloured dot in the appropriate Yes / No column for each type.
In fact EHDC does not take of any of our sample types of plastic for recycling. The left hand column for each type should be blank.
West Sussex takes all these types of plastics for recycling, in fact they take almost all types of plastics for recycling.
Our council must end the black bin confusion and adopt the same policy of our neighbour so all domestic plastic waste goes into the recycling bin.


Doorstep opinion survey - Clanfield


Most residents questioned raised this issue in one form or another. For some it was inadequate surface water drainage leading to potential flooding. Others found public transport services not keeping up with the demands of the growing population. Many thought that there were not enough shops or professional services, such as dentists. Additionally, poorly planned and insufficient parking capacity was identified by many as a real problem. The area around Petersgate the infant school on Green Lane raised particular concern, with chaotic parking increasing the risk of serious accidents. This increase in traffic and engines left idling also increases local levels of air pollution, especially harmful to children.

A large number of those questioned believed that the current traffic calming measure were ineffective. Some residents living on Green Lane believed them counterproductive because of the disturbance caused by heavy lorries making deliveries to the shops early in the morning, moving over speed humps.




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