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Local council elections May 2nd

Global Climate Emergency
What can I do – What can the council do?
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 In October 2018 the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicted that by 2030 global warming will reach 1.5oC above pre-industrial levels.

Below 1.5oC the effects of global warming, although severe, are probably manageable. Above that the effects become unpredictable and possibly catastrophic.

Local councils can play a significant role by declaring a climate emergency; committing to become carbon neutral by 2030. This is the top priority of the 5 point manifesto that your Green Team will work fo:

manifesto 2019

Let us introduce our candidates for the East Hampshire District council and for Parish/Town councils elections on May 2nd

The the Green Team


Greens do politics differently

Our policies will (view them here):

  • Stop hurting the environment - and all of us who rely on it
  • Build a better alternative for us
  • Build a better future for future generations
  • Build it better from the grass roots up

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Our territory

The East Hampshire Green Party's geographic area is the same as the East Hampshire District Council
(see map here)


Local activities

Doorstep opinion survey - Clanfield

Simon Downs, the Green Party candidate for Clanfield in May’s Council elections, and his supporters, conducted a doorstep canvass of local opinion on Saturday, 9th February. He found the most common issue was the inadequacy of infrastructure support for new housing developments.

Most residents questioned raised this issue in one form or another. For some it was inadequate surface water drainage leading to potential flooding. Others found public transport services not keeping up with the demands of the growing population. Many thought that there were not enough shops or professional services, such as dentists. Additionally, poorly planned and insufficient parking capacity was identified by many as a real problem. The area around Petersgate the infant school on Green Lane raised particular concern, with chaotic parking increasing the risk of serious accidents. This increase in traffic and engines left idling also increases local levels of air pollution, especially harmful to children.

A large number of those questioned believed that the current traffic calming measure were ineffective. Some residents living on Green Lane believed them counterproductive because of the disturbance caused by heavy lorries making deliveries to the shops early in the morning, moving over speed humps.


2019 AGM

 2019 AGM
Thanks goodness it's finished!

Highlights from the 2019 AGM

 20 members attended.

 One of them – John Palmer, a Petersfield town councillor - has recently left the Tories and joined us.

  • Ian James was elected as Convenor/coordinator
  • Mike Sievwright was elected as Treasurer
  • Ed Broomfield was appointed as the Election Returning Office
  • A small comms. team was formed to deal with the all types of media
  • Regular face to face meeting will begin. They will be monthly on a specific day of each month. The venue will rotate around three locations in different areas of East Hampshire. The nature with be semi-informal – informal round table discussions but with positive actions generated based on the discussion and a published report.  The specific locations and day of month to be decided at the first meeting.
  • Our only, to date, parliamentary candidate – Toby Bourke – introduced himself to us.

 The rest of the evening was taken up in a free ranging round table discussion lead off on the subject of animal rights. A wide range of topics were covered. There was much about the forthcoming town and district council elections and the sort of campaigns and strategies that may be adopted. Other ideas that may be developed included the proposed meat tax and giving presentations to sympathetic groups such as the local churches.


Doorstep opinion survey - Petersfield

Our doorstep opinion survey of Petersfield’s Rother ward revealed a near unanimous desire that the East Hampshire District Council accept all plastics for cycling. The District Council was also criticised for not recycling other common waste products, including tin foil and food. Many were puzzled by why waste food was not taken away, composted and turned into soil conditioner that then could be sold at a profit.

We also found that the idea of erecting “switch off your engine” signs at approaches to railway level was also very popular. Other common topics that people raised were parking, especially near schools, the poor state of roads and lack of cycle lanes.

The generally positive response on the doorstep and the extended debriefing session over refreshments lead the canvassers to pronounce the day a great success.


Brexit street survey in Petersfield

The Green Party’s policy on Brexit:
Now that the exit deal is known we should be given the opportunity to either accept it or remain in the Union by a People’s Vote.

On Saturday 13th October the people of Petersfield were polled on their attitude to Brexit. They were approached at random as they passed through The Square.

Three question were asked:
Question1 - Do you think the Brexit negotiations are going well?
Question 2 - Do think that the final Brexit deal will be the one that you wanted at the time of the referendum?
Question 3 – Would you like a final say (People’s Vote) on the final Brexit deal?


blank PV Graph


The results were:

Question 1
Yes18%  No 79%
Question 2
Yes 12% No 83%
Question 3
Yes 70%  No 28%




So a huge majority were pessimistic about the outcome of the Brexit deal.
Very close to three quarters want a People’s Vote on the deal.

And just look at what young people think:
100% of the under 30s thought the negotiations were not going well
100% of the under 30s not do expect a good outcome
100% of the under 30s wanted a People's Vote 


Upcoming Events

General Meeting (every second Thursday of each month)

Next one:
Thursday 9th May
Crown Hotel
High Street
GU34 1BN

Petersfield Climate Emergency

Public Meeting
30th April 7.00pm
United Reformed Church
College Street
GU31 4AG
Ticket required (no charge)
Details and tickets HERE

Local Council Elections

Leafleting / canvassing in Petersfield
Meet Petersfield Station at 10.00
Saturday April 20th
Saturday April 27th

Street Stall Petersfield Square

Saturday 20th April from 09.00
Saturday 27th April from 09.00