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  • Stop hurting the environment - and all of us who rely on it
  • Build a better alternative for us
  • Build a better future for future generations
  • Build it better from the grass roots up

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Our territory

The East Hampshire Green Party's geographic area is the same as the East Hampshire District Council
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Local activities

Brexit street survey in Petersfield

The Green Party’s policy on Brexit:
Now that the exit deal is known we should be given the opportunity to either accept it or remain in the Union by a People’s Vote.

On Saturday 13th October the people of Petersfield were polled on their attitude to Brexit. They were approached at random as they passed through The Square.

Three question were asked:
Question1 - Do you think the Brexit negotiations are going well?
Question 2 - Do think that the final Brexit deal will be the one that you wanted at the time of the referendum?
Question 3 – Would you like a final say (People’s Vote) on the final Brexit deal?


blank PV Graph


The results were:

Question 1
Yes18%  No 79%
Question 2
Yes 12% No 83%
Question 3
Yes 70%  No 28%




So a huge majority were pessimistic about the outcome of the Brexit deal.
Very close to three quarters want a People’s Vote on the deal.

And just look at what young people think:
100% of the under 30s thought the negotiations were not going well
100% of the under 30s not do expect a good outcome
100% of the under 30s wanted a People's Vote 


Upcoming Events

Opinion survey 05/01/19 10.00pm Petersfield details here