National and Global Issues

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The Green Party recognises the huge steps forward in terms of peace, environmental protection, human justice and commerce made by Europe working together. The EU is not perfect but leaving it instead of working for reforms from within is a disaster. To that end we support organisations working to maintain links and offer people an informed say on any final outcome of negotiations (links to follow)

Climate Change

The Plastic Crisis

Plastic is such a wonderful material. Anyone born before 1960 can remember an essentially plastic free world, those after a world dominated by it. We are squandering our fossil fuel resources making it and the durability of plastic is now recognised as a curse rather than a blessing. Global action is needed but we can each do our bit by minimising our consumption of non-essential plastics and packaging. (links to follow) Once consumed we need to recycle, why does EHDC only accept bottle shaped plastic in our reycling bins?

Renewable Energy

Propping up the fossil fuel industry may be essential for short term protection of the global economy, but we need a planned exit now. Regarding nuclear we have the bizarre request for massive government support so that it can compete with cheaper renewables. Meanwhile nuclear waste just builds up without a solution and decomissioning will tie the hands of our great-great-great grand children. Local energy initiatives are a positive way ahead. (links to follow)


Badgers and bovine TB

£1000 per badger to kill them against £200 for vaccination and inconclusive data on the benefits of eradication. Both our dairy farmers and the badgers need evidence based long term action.

War in Yemen

our hypocrisy in arming one of the sides in this war which has no possibility of solving anything whilst talking of a responsible arms industry is breath taking, meanwhile 8 million are at risk of starvation