Peter Bisset

Dr. Peter Bisset has been based in Petersfield, East Hampshire, since 1984 and both his children went to Herne Junior School, The Petersfield School and then Alton College. He has been a school governor at Herne Junior School for 14 years and is a scout leader at 1st Petersfield Scouts, Keen cyclist, Treasurer and founder member of East Hampshire Green Party, Mycologist, botanist and wildlife enthusiast.

He is chairman of the Portsmouth Canoe Club and a member of the RNLI organised Portsmouth, Gosport and Fareham Coastal Safety Forum

He represents leisure users on the Langstone Harbour Advisory Board and is also a member of the City of Portsmouth Sports Council.

Having recently retired from a career in tropical agricultural development and support of civil society in the Middle East and Africa, he has seen a lot of political systems. 

Living for years in remote locations without electricity or running water, you realise what a privileged life we lead. Drinking water that comes out of a tap all day long and that a flick of a switch which brings light and power 24 hours a day still seem minor miracles. Many people I know well have happy fulfilling lives with a tiny fraction of what we believe are essentials.

A long term 'green' with a small g. We have always tried to do our bit as a family for the planet and to minimise our footprint. However, it was concerns about social justice developed over my years working abroad as much as green issues which led me to the Green Party. East Hampshire voters deserve a choice. Democracy is more fragile than it looks, we all need to take an active part in our governance.

We cannot go on like this. Resources are finite. 'Externalities' are what makes life worthwhile, but neglected by economics. The Green Party stands for long term issues of fairness, justice and sustainability not just short term 'economic' growth. We are not a pop-up party consisting of a charismatic leader with millionaire backers working to their own agenda and campaigning on a single issue. We are a grass roots organisation, here for the long term, with a clear vision for the beneficial evolution of our society towards fairness and sustainability. Experience close to home in Brighton has shown that it takes years to win hearts and minds.

Your vote will lay the foundation for a better future.

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