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Laurent Coffre

Laurent Coffre

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Ian James



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Zoe Parker

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Our Party officers

Greens do politics differently. Bureaucracy destroys democracy. We have just two officers; a coordinator and a treasurer.


  Coordinator - Ian James

Ian James

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water and cause many ripples."
Mother Tersea 

On the day I was born fully functioning democracies were limited to a handful of west European nations and their past colonies. The world locked into a cycle of ever increasingly barbaric conflict. Universal Human Rights largely restricted to the pages of Tom Paine’s Rights of Man. Women treated, at best, as second class citizens. Racism was rampant. Worldwide poverty the accepted norm.

The world still has a long way to go but it’s getting better. Someone's ripples must be having an effect.

Changes are not pushed by the main stream but hauled forward inch by inch, ripple by ripple by the stone casters. I joined the Green Party because it’s full of them. Perhaps the next stones we cast will cause a tsunami. Perhaps not but we will keep casting them.


 Treasurer -John Hilton

John HiltonFor me the Green Party represents the political pathway to addressing the really important questions for our society - locally, nationally, and globally.

With national conversations currently focused obsessively on Brexit, we have neglected urgent action on climate change and on ways to address the inequalities and imbalances that lie behind many of the challenges for our society.

At a local level, the Green Party can provide a determined focus on environmental issues such as recycling, integrated transport, and housing standards, as well as fresh thinking about what really matters to our community in the long term.

I live in Petersfield, and I work for an international healthcare charity.



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