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East Hampshire Green Party has one elected town council currently. If you would like to see more Green councillors building a Greener future join us, give a donation or better still do both.


Phillip Humphries

Phillip Humphries

 Hi, I am Phill Humphries. I was elected as one of the two town councillors for the Rother ward  of Petersfieldin May 2015 as a green candidate.

Why Green?  Well like a lot of people I am fed up with the whole Punch and Judy of politics and in particular the short term and parochial thinking which ignores global issues of justice and sustainability.  These are big themes which are hard to translate into the town council!

When not on the council I am a trainer, an actor, a retired IT Director and once upon a time a chemist.

 Positions held
I currently serve on the Finance and General Purposes, Halls and Town Development committees in addition to the Planning committee and Full Council which all councillors attend.  In addition, I am also the council’s representative on the board of the Petersfield Open Air Heated Swimming pool.

Council work
The town council prides itself on being predominantly apolitical, albeit we are mainly sponsored by our respective political parties.  The main thrust of our work is to care for the assets of the town and ensure that the precept is spent wisely and fairly.

There have been a few opportunities however for me to put an explicitly green perspective notably in provision of solar panels on the Avenue Pavilion, in input to major planning applications to challenge the shortfall in environmental considerations and in support for initiatives such as the iTree survey.  As a member of the Town Development Committee I have done a lot of work to bring forward the Infrastructure Development Plan (IDP) for the town.  In doing this I have been clear that a long wish list achieves little so have concentrated on ensuring we have a clear, well-articulated and prioritised list of priorities.  This means we are now able to focus on a handful of projects with a realistic prospect of achieving them.  These include improved cycle ways and improving the town centre and the square.

I have two significant aims for the next two years which are firstly to make some progress toward a renewal of the Festival Hall both physically and culturally with a breadth of appeal across the town; secondly to see delivery of projects from the IDP come on stream.

I look forward to the balance of my term working with fellow councillors to wrangle with the day to day issues that the town faces.  We, indeed I, will not always be popular with everyone all the time but I promise always to take a rational balanced approach with a view to long term sustainability as my guide. 


Greens do politics differently. Bureaucracy destroys democracy. We have just two officers; a coordinator and a treasurer.


 Coordinator - Ian James
Peter Bisset

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples”

On the day I was born fully functioning democracies were limited to a handful of west European nations and their past colonies. The world locked into a cycle of ever increasingly barbaric conflict. Universal Human Rights largely restricted to the pages of Tom Paine’s Rights of Man. Women treated, at best, as second class citizens. Racism was rampant. Worldwide poverty the accepted norm.

The world still has a long way to go but it’s getting better. Someone's ripples must be having an effect.

Changes are not pushed by the main stream but hauled forward inch by inch, ripple by ripple by the stone casters. I joined the Green Party because it’s full of them. Perhaps the next stones we cast will cause a tsunami. Perhaps not but we will keep casting them.



Treasurer -Helena Hurd 

In 2018 climate change was recognised by the UN as the most systemic threat to humankind, yet despite the scientific consensus behind the problem, it is repeatedly downplayed in the policies of the main parties in the UK.

The Green Party may be small, but it has repeatedly pushed above its weight in government by standing up for a sustainable future.

As a local party we can argue the case for a more just, equitable and sustainable society by promoting green issues locally and by supporting the green vote nationally.

The East Hants Green Party is a friendly and welcoming community of like-minded people, and having been involved in environmental volunteering for the last decade, when I moved to the area it was a no-brainer for me to support the great work done by the EHGP by taking on the role of Treasurer. 

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