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East Hampshire Green Party has two elected town council currently. If you would like to see more Green councillors building a Greener future join us, give a donation or better still do both.


Cllr Phillip Humphries

Phillip Humphries

 Hi, I am Phill Humphries. I was elected as one of the two town councillors for the Rother ward  of Petersfieldin May 2015 as a green candidate.

Why Green?  Well like a lot of people I am fed up with the whole Punch and Judy of politics and in particular the short term and parochial thinking which ignores global issues of justice and sustainability.  These are big themes which are hard to translate into the town council!

When not on the council I am a trainer, an actor, a retired IT Director and once upon a time a chemist.


Cllr John Palmer

John Palmer

I have been a Town Councillor since 2015, initially as a Conservative, converting to a Green Party member in 2019.

The arrogance and injustice that sadly characterises much of our world is what drives me to want to try to change things for the better.

The way in which we treat our environment, animals and each other is simply not right. Used wisely, there are sufficient natural resources for us all to live comfortable, dignified and productive lives. However, all too often, short term political priorities triumph over the long-term good. I am a pragmatist. I recognise that it is in everyone’s interest to have a prosperous economy and that decisions are rarely straightforward. However, we need to ensure that politicians, at both a local and national level, are given sufficient accurate and relevant information to make balanced judgements. As a Green Party Councillor, I see it as my role to provide this information by highlighting the environmental and social impacts of any decision to my colleagues and thus encouraging a full and frank debate.

My ‘day job’ is working for an energy consultancy, helping people build passive and very low energy homes which result in minimal, or even zero, carbon emissions.


Greens do politics differently. Bureaucracy destroys democracy. We have just two officers; a coordinator and a treasurer.


 Coordinator - Ian James

Ian James

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water and cause many ripples." 
On the day I was born fully functioning democracies were limited to a handful of west European nations and their past colonies. The world locked into a cycle of ever increasingly barbaric conflict. Universal Human Rights largely restricted to the pages of Tom Paine’s Rights of Man. Women treated, at best, as second class citizens. Racism was rampant. Worldwide poverty the accepted norm.

The world still has a long way to go but it’s getting better. Someone's ripples must be having an effect.

Changes are not pushed by the main stream but hauled forward inch by inch, ripple by ripple by the stone casters. I joined the Green Party because it’s full of them. Perhaps the next stones we cast will cause a tsunami. Perhaps not but we will keep casting them.


 Treasurer - Mike Sievwright

Mike Sievwright
Why did I join the Green Party? It’s given a political focus to my opinions and commitment to action to address the biggest issues the whole world is facing: environmental catastrophe, degradation of social values and human rights, irresponsible technology and resource use. All these will require collaborative actions at personal, local, national and international level, and the East Hampshire Green Party is for me an opportunity to get the wheels turning.

I’m proud to now be involved in raising awareness, getting better decisions and actions made in our local area, as well as pushing for changes that are needed to take care of our future, both through electoral processes and through social engagement with people.

As the local group's Treasurer I can contribute the necessary adminstration to ensure we maintain the sustainable development and integrity of local Green activity.

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Upcoming Events

General Meeting (every second Thursday of each month)

Next one:
Thursday 9th May
Crown Hotel
High Street
GU34 1BN

Petersfield Climate Emergency

Public Meeting
30th April 7.00pm
United Reformed Church
College Street
GU31 4AG
Ticket required (no charge)
Details and tickets HERE

Local Council Elections

Leafleting / canvassing in Petersfield
Meet Petersfield Station at 10.00
Saturday April 20th
Saturday April 27th

Street Stall Petersfield Square

Saturday 20th April from 09.00
Saturday 27th April from 09.00