litter pick

Dear friends


I warmly invite you to take part in a big clean-up of Petersfield, for Remembrance Sunday. The 100th Anniversary of the Armistice will be a particularly special time to show care for our environment and community, in which we have the privilege to live in freedom.


Thank you for taking part in previous litterpicks. We’ll try a different format this time as we have experienced unpredictable weather this year and I know that many volunteers will want to litterpick at their own pace, in conditions that suit them best.


Collect kit and litterpick at your convenience

The plan is to collect litterpicking equipment from my house (4 Herne Court, GU31 4EQ) on Saturday 3rd November anytime between 2.30pm and 5.00pm where we will agree the route you would like to cover before the morning of Sunday 11th November. RSVP for numbers please. If you prefer to collect kit at another time or agree your route in advance please let me know.


Gathering for photo

There will be a photo opportunity for volunteers near one of the war memorials on the morning of 11th, time and place to be agreed with the Town Council and the Petersfield Post. You will be welcome to return your litterpicking kit to me at home at any point before Monday 12th November.


Other developments

  1. I will ask if EHDC can guarantee to clean their car parks just before 11th November. If they can’t guarantee it, I will co-ordinate any willing volunteers who would join me in clearing these landing-pads for visitors to the town.
  2. As before, there will be the option to separate for recycling if you wish.
  3. We’ll ask you for quick assessment of the proportions of different types of litter that you collect - to help us lobby the right organisations to reduce their waste production.
  4. We’ll be asking businesses to take part but it takes a lot of time to contact them. If you would be willing to contact any businesses, please let me know.
  5. Taking part in litterpicking is an opportunity for children to apply for their Green Blue Peter Badges.
  6. If you think you could keep an eye on litter in a particular area on an ongoing basis please let me know.
  7. I’ve nominated YOU, the litterpicking team, for the EHDC Volunteer Awards in the large team category Nominations close at 5pm today and I’ll be in touch with any news.


Looking forward to your feedback on the above, and hopefully to seeing many of you soon.

Thank you for all you have done so far, and for considering taking part this time.


Beth Svarovska

A Trustee of the Petersfield Society

07503 655870