Laurent Coffre - Clanfield Parish Council



Laurent Coffre

“What can I do?” Faced with global issues such as Climate Change, we all feel powerless to influence the course of events. Yet, addressing environmental matters can start with us.

It can start locally. It means engaging with our local council to steer them towards sustainable policies: insist they tender for ethical and local companies, prioritise and support non-polluting transportation networks, promote pedestrian areas while developing local trade by supporting our high street, champion carbon neutral housing, both new developments and existing stock.

It all adds up if we all stand up: it is good for us, it is good for our communities, and it is good for the planet. The Green Party encourages us to think globally and act locally: in the end, it is about ensuring our children and grandchildren can thrive in a preserved world, enjoying the same opportunities we have been offered. What can I do? On May 2nd, I vote Green.


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