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John Palmer

I have been a Petersfield Town Councillor since 2015 and would like your support to continue trying to make Petersfield a better, safer and happier place for the future.

 What do I stand for?  We can’t afford to ignore the critical environmental and social issues which are facing us at a global, national and local level.  Unless our voice is heard, politicians from the major parties will continue to focus on short-term, party political issues, pushing difficult decisions out into the long grass until it’s too late.  Well, it’s almost too late now …

 I want to work with councillors of all denominations to ensure that these issues are on the agenda, that people get the facts behind the headlines and that we do whatever we can at a local level to safeguard our environmental, social and economic future.

 I have lived in Petersfield for 18 years and I am married with two children, both of whom have passed through the Petersfield school system and I was a governor at The Petersfield School from 2012 to 2018

 Before becoming a Petersfield Town councillor in 2015 I worked on the Neighbourhood plan which included policies about safeguarding green spaces, affordable housing and self-build housing for local people.

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