#GE2017 East Hampshire

Richard Knight

Video clips and interviews of Richard's views on many topics are available at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/RichardKnightGP/videos/?ref=page_internal

You can contact Richard at: richardknight4greens@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like to volunteer help for his campaign.

You can follow the campaign on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/easthantsgreenparty or Twitter @easthantsgreens

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Richard lives in the constituency, however, he also sees East Hampshire in the World having lived abroad and being married to an American. Richard has long supported 'green' causes through Greenpeace and Shelter and actively support internet campaigns by 38 Degrees, Avaaz, Change, particularly on issues of deforestation, fossil fuels and women's rights. He is a Plan Child sponsor and has made 922 loans to people in developing countries through Kiva. Richard has been a scout leader for 12 years he is an active member of his own community.

An architect by profession he currently runs his own software business from home so is keenly aware of the issues facing small businesses in East Hampshire. Caroline Lucas inspired him to join the Party; the sheer common sense of what she says, the conviction and the long term view which particularly resonated with him as a parent of young children. We need politics for our children and grandchildren, not the next week. We need a more compassionate and inclusive society for the good of everyone. Brexit has the potential to seriously damage our way of life for years to come. We live in a democracy, Richard is determined to offer the people of East Hampshire the option of voting for a different sort of politics.