Donate to your Local Party

Downs from Butser Hill 

A  snap general election may be called at anytime and we are gearing up for the local elections on 2nd May 2019. To run a credible campaign we do need resources as well as enthusiasm. Anything you can contribute will help us to do this. 

Cheques made out to East Hampshire Green Party can be sent to our Treasurer, Helena Hurd at 45, Butts Road, Alton GU34 1LL

or make a bank transfer to East Hampshire Green Party, 08-92-99, 65746846

Please give your name as the reference as we are obliged to record donations of over £500 or totalling over £500 from a single donor in a single year. Donors should be on the United Kingdom electoral roll. There is no need to be a member of the Green Party. If in doubt send us an email and we can advise.

Thanks, your support will make it possible for people in East Hampshire to vote Green